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wav006 | mika vainio. revitty | compact disc

after opening wavetrap's catalogue with his solo album ydin back in the year 1999, pan sonic's mika vainio comes back with another offering for the label. entitled revitty ("torn"), the record is as subtle as it is merciless, while remaining deeply musical in vainio's own unique sense.

release date: 2006-12-14

media: compact disc

label: wavetrap

label: wavetrap

image 1: mika vainio | wav006 | revitty | compact discimage 2: mika vainio | wav006 | revitty | compact disc


hampaat i | 03:53
hampaat ii | 04:19
hampaat iii | 04:42
huone 11 | 03:45
tänään | 01:12
yksinäisyys, suru, katkeruus | 20:46
raatelu | 14:43
loppu | 01:59